World Clean-Up Day: LASG calls for improved sanitary habits

… Partners Green HubAfrica To Clean Up Streets, Beach

Lagos State Government has called for an improved sanitary attitude among Lagosians, just as it restated the need for citizens’ involvement in achieving environmental sustainability.

The call was made by the General Manager, Lagos State Environmental Protection Agency (LASEPA), Dr. Adedolapo Fasawe, who averred that the State government recognises the place of residents in the implementation of environmental policies.

Speaking at an event marking the 2019 World Clean-Up Day in Lagos, Fasewe underscored the need to connect citizens to the appropriate mechanism in waste management, adding that a polluted society negatively affects the socio-economic structure of the entire residents.

“It is disturbing to know that part of the waste generated in the State still ends up on the streets and drainage channels, causing flooding and other human-made disasters capable of reducing the quality of life and negatively impacting the economy”, she stated.

Speaking further, the General Manager noted that the State government has partnered with GreenHub Africa to change the mindset of residents from indiscriminate dumping of refuse to developing a proper waste disposal etiquette.

Fasawe pointed out that the Lagos State Government has started taking steps to tackle the dire issues of environmental pollution with the recently launched Blue Box programme aimed at encouraging the separation of recyclable materials from general waste at the point of generation.

While appealing to other corporate and non-governmental institutions to support the government in its quest to achieving an environmentally-sustainable society, Fasawe called on citizens to dispose waste properly.

The CEO, GreenHub Africa, Henry Bassey said the clean-up campaign, done in partnership with the State government, was designed to raise awareness on the aftermath of abusing and neglecting the environment, as well as helping communities to live a fulfilling life.

He disclosed that the partnership is determined to fulfill the eco-friendly aspirations of government, revealing that several initiatives already taken to reach the set goals include Tree Planting, Waste Recycling and the Green Energy program.

“As Green HubAfrica dives deeper into Nigeria’s need for progression in sustainable development, the media platform has partnered with LASEPA, the environmental regulatory body for Lagos State, to commence positive steps in the nations’ attitude towards environmental sustainability”, Bassey asserted.

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