I am available 24 hours daily to help Buhari’s administration – Satguru Maharaj Ji

The acclaimed self-Living Perfect Masters, Satguru Maharaj Ji has called on President Buhari to seek his help to avoid downfall as his predecessors.

He pointed this out in Lagos in commemoration of the 26th year anniversary of the declaration “no war in Nigeria, come what may”

“The Buhari administration is not Nigeria’s first presidency and it certainly will not be the last. Mr President and his administrative lieutenants now have the golden opportunity to etch their names in gold on the rock of history. I await their invitation, for assistance since 1980, I have relentlessly reached out to Nigerian leaders to come receive The Power behind the celebrated opulence of China, America, Japan and co, that our forefathers had and ruled the world in the days of old. For how long do Nigerian leaders want to keep stretching out the begging-bowl to the leaders of the world’s affluent economies? Is it not wise to acquire and apply the secret Power they used and are still using to enrich themselves?”

“Like I did to past administrations from Shagari to Jonathan, I am calling out to President Muhammadu Buhari to recognize Satguru Maharaj Ji partly by absorbing My Premies (i.e. My devotees) into his government. The entire range of spiritual powers needed to drive any genuinely ambitious country up the gradient of progress lie in Maharaj JI’s hands! This is no claim. Quote me anywhere please! I am available 24 hours daily to help the current administration. I look forward to having it do what its predecessors refused to do and which led to their downfall. I do not want the Buhari presidency to fail. The choice is his’!”


Satguru also advised that “Europeans do not have the divine grace to lead Nigeria’s Super Eagles to glory.”

“Europeans do not have the divine grace to lead Nigeria’s Super Eagles to glory. I use this opportunity to ask NFF to replace Gernot Rohr with one of our soccer veterans such as Kanu Nwankwo or Austin Jay Jay Okocha. With the right remuneration and training-exposure, our soccer veterans will achieve resounding successes for Nigeria under the immense outpouring of divine grace on Nigeria, a copious flow that demands Nigerians taking charge of their affairs as a nation.

Also, European wrestling matches must be banned since our culture and tradition forbids using iron chairs to break the head of an opponent during such encounters. All we need is Executive Order to stop it on our screen.”

On the International Scene, he said “There is urgent need for the establishment of African Cultural and Traditional Values Revival for the Eradication of Disasters and Famine to step into African countries being affected by isolation, sanctions and periodic attacks by the UN members for going African. For example this organization can step in to supply garri to Zimbabwe; visit the Chiefs and Kings of South Africa to clear the xenophobia killings from the grass roots through divination in the oracles.”

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